Class 2 Computer Book PDF 2022 (Free Download)

Through today’s post, we are going to share Class 2 Computer Book PDF with you. Which you can download for free using direct download link given below in this post.

Knowledge of computer has become very important now-a-days, that is why these days children are taught about computer from the beginning of their studies, so that with time everyone gets a good knowledge about computer and be successful in your life

Class 2 Computer Book PDF

PDF NameComputer Book for Class 2 PDF
No. of Pages116
PDF Size21 MB

Computer Book for Class 2 PDF

In this computer book of class 2, the basic information of computer has been given, so that the children of class 2 can get information about what is a computer? And how does it work?

This book is very necessary for all the children who want to be successful in their life in future. Because in today’s time computer is being used in every field. That is why for good knowledge in the field of computer, we should be taught about computer from a small class.

This Book contains below mentioned topices-

  1. Input and Output Devices
  2. Computer and your health
  3. Activities using a Mouse
  4. Activities using a Keyboard
  5. Activities using Paint
  6. Editing Text
  7. Computer Start Up and Shut Down
  8. Projects

All these basic and important topics have been given in this book as well as in this book all the topics have been given in simple language and in a fun way so that children do not feel bad in reading.

Download Class 2 Computer Book PDF

To download the complete book of computer for class 2 students, just follow the below mentioned download button.

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