Assam Liquor Price List 2022 PDF

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Like every time, this time also the Assam government has made some amendments in the price of liquor. In which the price of liquor has seen an increase. This amendment was made by the Assam government on 10 December 2021. According to the new excise duty imposed, there has been an increase of 15% in all brands including whiskey, brandy, gin, etc. The luxury brand, which was sold for Rs 271, has now increased its price to Rs 400. Simultaneously, the tax on rum has also increased. The price of rum which was available for Rs 301 has now been increased to Rs 400.

Assam Liquor Price List 2022 PDF

Now, You can check the Liquor Price List

Golf Club Finest WhiskyRs.138750ml
Golf Club XXX RumRs.138750ml 
Officer’s Choice Blue Pure Grain WhiskyRs.230375ml
Officer’s Choice Blue Pure Grain WhiskyRs.115375ml
White and Blue Premium WhiskyRs.330 750ml 
White and Blue Premium Whisky Rs.170 375ml
White Hills Reserve WhiskyRs.240 750ml
White Hills Reserve WhiskyRs.120375ml
Rare Reserve Whisky Castle HillRs.240750ml 
Rare Reserve Whisky Castle Hill  Rs.120375ml
Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White RumRs.550750ml
Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White RumRs.280375ml 
Bacardi Black Deluxe Rum Rs.300750ml
Bacardi Black Deluxe Rum Rs.150375ml
Magic Moments Pure Grain VodkaRs.240 750ml
Magic Moments Pure Grain Vodka Rs.250375ml 
Regal Talons Rare Generation Whisky  Rs.240750ml 
Regal Talons Rare Generation WhiskyRs.120375ml 
Pluton Bay Rare Exotic Rum Rs.330 750ml 
Pluton Bay Rare Exotic RumRs.170375ml
Castle Pride Whisky  Rs.300375ml
Africana WhiskyRs.330750ml
Booz Vodka  Rs.300750ml
Black Bow Whisky Rs.500 750ml 
Africana Dark Rum Rs.230750ml
Whiskin Craft Special Reserve Grain Whisky Blended with Scotch Rs.400750ml
Whiskin Craft SpecialRs.200 375ml
Dignity Pure Grain Whisky Rs.230750ml 
Dignity Pure Grain Whisky  Rs.115 375ml
Imperial Blue Authentic Grain Whisky  Rs.240750ml 
Imperial Blue Authentic Grain Whisky Rs.120 375ml
Royal Stag Classic Whisky Rs.330750ml
Royal Stag Classic Whisky  Rs.170 375ml 
Blenders Pride Select Premium WhiskyRs.500750ml
Blenders Pride Select Premium Whisky Rs.120 375ml   
Fuel Vodka Green AppleRs.300 375ml
Fuel Vodka Green Apple Rs.150 375ml
Fuel Vodka Orange Rs.150  375ml
Fuel Vodka Orange Rs.300 750ml
Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whisky  (For Paramilitary forces only)Rs.500750ml 
Royal Stag Deluxe Whisky  (For Paramilitary forces only) Rs.330 750ml
Lord Nelson XXX Matured RumRs.230 750ml 
After Dark Fine Grain Whisky Rs.408 750ml
Brian’s Tropicana Export Quality XXX Matured White RumRs.286 750ml 
M2 Magic Moments Remix Flavoured Vodka RaspberryRs.298750ml 
M2 Magic Moments Remix Flavoured Vodka Orange Rs.335 750ml 
Brian’s Napoleon Brandy Rs.285750ml
Gladius Blended 10 year Old Gold Reserva RumRs.280750ml 

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