What is a Common Noun? Facts And Examples

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What is a Common Noun?

A Common noun is a name given commonly to caste or community.

This noun mainly refers to caste and community. By the way, this noun can be singular and plural. In common noun mainly article is used with singular number and article is not used with plural number.

Example: Boy, Pan, Car, Dog etc.

Facts of Common Noun:

Fact (1): It is free to be singular or plural.

Fact (2): Generally a common noun singular number does not come without Article.

Example: Boy is Honest. (Wrong) / The Boy is Honest. (Right)

Note: Keep in mind that in order to give a Universal Sense, the Common noun also closes the singular number.

Example: Man is mortal.

Fact (3): Generally article is avoid before a Common noun Plural number.

Example: Children are naughty.

Note: Keep in mind that to give a particular sense, the common noun plural number is preceded by ‘The’ planets.

Example: The Children are very naughty.

Related Information:

Proper Noun: A Proper noun is a particular name of anything.

Example:- Ram, Shayam, Patna, Delhi, India etc.

Collective Noun: A Collective noun is a special name given to a group or collection.

Example: People, Cattle, Machinery, Jewelers etc.

Material Noun: A noun that is either measure or weighed but can not be counted is called material noun.

Example: Water, Sugar, Rise, Gold etc.

Abstract Noun: An Abstract noun is the name of once fillings.

Example: Brotherhood, Childhood, Honesty etc.


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