What is a Proper Noun? | Definition, Facts and Examples

What is a Proper Noun? | Definition, Facts and Examples: In this post, we have tried to discuss proper noun in detail. If you want to know properly about proper noun, then definitely read the post till the end.

What is a Proper Noun?

A Proper noun is a particular name of anything.

Example:- Ram, Shayam, Patna, Delhi, India etc.

Following are the facts of proper noun:

Facts(1): It get’s beginning write the capital letter.

Example: india, patna, delhi (Wrong)

India, Patna, Delhi (Right)

Fact (2): Generally article does not come before a Proper Noun.

Example: India is a democratic Country. (Wrong)

An India is a democratic Country. (Wrong)

India are a democratic Country. (Wrong)

India is a democratic Country. (Right)

Fact (3): It is a place name proper noun denotes a team become plural and get’s plural.

Note: Keep in mind that in this case the place name can have the article ‘The’.

Example: The India is beating its Match. (wrong)

The India are beating its Match. (Right)

Fact (4): Generally a study subject (Proper Noun) is a singular and get’s singular verb.

Example: Physics is a difficult subject.

Fact (5): If a study subject is a possessed by anyone because plural and get’s plural.

Example: My Physics is very strong. (wrong) / My Physics are very strong. (Right) / The physics of H.C Varma are difficult. (Right)

Note: Keep in mind that in this situation the article ‘The’ can be used before the Study Subject.

Related Information:

One the basis of its caste noun is divided into five forms:

  • Proper Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Material Noun
  • Abstract Noun

Common Noun: A Common noun is a name given commonly to caste or community.

Example: Boy, Pan, Car, Girl etc.

Collective Noun: A Collective noun is a special name given to a group or collection.

Example: People, Cattle, Machinery, Jewelers etc.

Material Noun: A noun that is either measure or weighed but can not be counted is called material noun.

Example: Water, Sugar, Rise, Gold etc.

Abstract Noun: An Abstract noun is the name of once fillings.

Example: Brotherhood, Childhood, Honesty etc.


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